After all, Sayo's biggest purpose is to help people feel better and grow as a healer.

sliding scale

We know you already pay so much just to have health insurance, so Sayo offers a sliding scale to meet your financial needs for the initial session.  For the returning visits, there are many options to choose from based on your preference. 

Sayo accepts HSA payments through your insurance.


Acupuncture, like many other natural healing methods, is an ongoing healing process. We recommend coming in more often at the beginning of your treatment and then tapering off as you progress.

  • Five-Treatment Package: you can purchase this optional package in advance, you'll get  50% off your fifth treatment.


Sayo is still new to Tucson and eager to meet new patients.

As a sign of appreciation, you will get 20% off your next appointment, every time you refer a new patient who comes in for treatment. *This cannot be combined with the package deal. 

Address + Contact information

Located inside Rooted Integrative Wellness
1600 N Tucson Boulevard  Suite #100
Tucson, AZ 85716
(New entrance on Lee Street)